The VikingVPN FAQ

How many servers does VikingVPN have?

A lot.  We use a server clustering model.  At any of our given locations we have a minimum of 8 dedicated (bare metal) servers.  When you connect to a location, you are placed on a server for optimal speed.

What physical locations does VikingVPN have servers in?

Inside the USA: Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Seattle, New York City.

In Europe: Amsterdam, NL and Bucharest, RO

Are there limits on how much bandwidth I can use?

No. We do not even have the ability to track the bandwidth usage of accounts.

How do i set up my connection?

If you're running Windows, setup is very easy.  Just download our app and run it.

Additionally, we have a number of guides covering all of the common operating systems, we are working in improving them constantly and we also routinely audit them to ensure that setup process works on all common devices. You can see our video and text guides here.

Why is your product more expensive than (some other VPN service)?

We maintain a very high quality, high speed, network that utilizes load-balancing and Tier-1 network carriers to give us high availability for our users. This means faster speeds, less downtime, no hunting around for the best servers, and no performance changes with the time of day. We also employ knowledgeable staff that maintain the security and integrity of the network and website.

Do you have a free trial or a money back guarantee?

We do not offer free trials due to a huge potential for abuse, and being a premium VPN provider, we cannot give the high speed premium experience away for free without severely limiting user activity. We do however, give full refunds to any user that has unacceptable speed or connectivity issues with our service at their request. We do leave the caveat that refunds are at our discretion to prevent abuse of that system as well. You must be willing to try a few troubleshooting steps and request a refund within a reasonable time period of your sign up.

How many simultaneous connections are allowed per user account?

Our current system allows one user connection per server cluster. As of this writing we have seven clusters of servers, located in New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Bucharest and Amsterdam. This means that you can currently use up to seven devices simultaneously. This number increases if you have a router that can act as an OpenVPN client, because that counts as a single user connection, even though all devices on that network are able to connect at once.

Do you use a custom client? Is it open-source?

We use an open-source application for Windows, which can be downloaded here.  You can view the source on bitbucket

We use the open-source Tunnelblick client for OSX,

We use OpenVPN Connect for iOS & Android.

Do you have live support?

We mulled this one over for a while, and decided that an email-based support ticket system was the best for our customers. This is because we then do not have to hire, train, and vet additional staff just for support purposes. The founders of the company that design and maintain the VPN network are the ones that reply to your support tickets. We felt that accuracy in getting issues resolved is a lot more important than getting a fast answer of questionable usefulness.

How do i sign up for your service with maximum anonymity?

The only data that we store is billing information. So if you create a new email address, and use a prepaid credit or debit card from a store (buy it with cash), you will have fully anonymized your account information. You can also create an account using Bitcoin or Dash with only an email address.