Pricing & Plans To Buy Premium High Speed VPN Service


$14.95 per month


6 Months

$71.70 every 6 months

$11.95 per month


$119.88 every 12 months

$9.99 per month

All Plan Details:

Our plans are simple. When you sign up for our service, you get unlimited access to our servers & resources for one configuration file. Usage is unlimited, unfiltered, and private. We do not shape, throttle, or manipulate traffic in any way. You can connect with up to five devices at once with a single account.

When you sign up for a plan, you agree to a recurring payment to renew the account until you cancel your plan with us. If you wish to cancel a plan, or you have any problem with your service, you can contact customer care and we will take care of you in a quick and easy manner.

All plans include direct donations to the Electronic Frontier Foundation to fight for user privacy and net neutrality worldwide.

Paying With Alternative Currencies:

To pay with Bitcoins, see our Bitcoins policy page.
To pay with Dash, see our Dash policy page.

Guarantee of Quality:

VikingVPN takes the quality of our network and the quality of our customer service very seriously. We utilize tier-1 bandwidth and only operate in the highest quality datacenters. Our goal is to operate a network with 99.999% (five-9's) availability, which equals about 5 minutes of downtime per year.

We also guarantee the security of our network, and promise to be alert to new threats and transparent about any and all actions taken on our network within reason. We will protect all of our customer data to the greatest extent possible. This includes corporate, government, black-hat, and internal threats to user privacy.

Money Back Guarantee:

If you're not completely satisfied, VikingVPN will return your money.  Returns within the first 14 days of a subscription will be refunded at 100%.  Returns after the first 14 days will be pro-rated based on remaining time on the subscription.  Troubleshooting for connection or technical issues may be required before returns are made.  Troubleshooting will be assisted by our customer support.