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End To End Encryption For Calls

DO NOT USE Verizon Voice Cypher.  This App is fundamentally and intentionally flawed by a Man-In-The-Middle attack from the software vendor that created it.

End To End Encryption For SMS Text Messaging

Secure Smartphone Browsing With A VPN Service

Most mobile phone carriers today blatantly log all of your browsing data.  This includes every website you visit and what you did on those websites.  

All of the carriers listed below state that they log all website browsing data in their privacy policies, linked here.

Using a VPN service that you trust to provide you with no-logs, privacy & anonymity on your smartphone will make your browsing habits opaque to your phone carrier.  The carrier will only know raw amounts of data going in and out, and even that will be somewhat obscured by the encryption of the VPN service.