Welcome to the VikingVPN Android connection setup guide.

We have a Youtube Video Install Guide for Android! You can view it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TN30NTCFdg

Below is an alternative installation method.

This guide assumes that you have already signed up for VikingVPN services, and goes through a step-by-step approach to getting online using our services.

There are two things you need in order to get connected to VikingVPN:

The VikingVPN configuration file


The OpenVPN Android client

First we will get the configuration file from the website.

Head over to VikingVPN and log in to the website.

After you log in, you will be referred to the Account Management screen. You want to click on “new connection certificate”. This will generate you a configuration file, be aware that when you generate a new configuration file, the old one stops working. (So if you have one installed on your PC, you’ll have to get the new file from your phone to your PC, it is best to do this via methods that are not online for security reasons, we recommend transferring the file via USB, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth). Disclaimer: DO NOT SHARE YOUR CONFIGURATION FILE WITH ANYONE! IT IS THE KEY TO STAYING SECURE!

Next we want to get the OpenVPN application from the Google Play store on your device.

Open the play store on your device and search for “OpenVPN”

You’ll see more than one result, while other clients will work on our services, in this guide I’m going to use this particular app for the guide.
After installing the app on your Android device, we need to import the configuration file that we downloaded. You start by opening the app. You’ll see this screen. You are going to click on the folder icon in the lower right hand corner.
The next screen looks like this. You’ll need to browse to where your configuration file that you downloaded from our website went. This is by default in the “download” folder.
Inside of the “download” folder, you are looking for the file you downloaded. It will be named “VikingVPN(some number here).ovpn”. Click on that item, and then click select at the bottom.
You’ll see a screen that looks like this, telling you about some of our custom options being utilized, this is normal. You’re going to click the save configuration button. It looks like a little disk in the lower right corner of the screen.
Now we are ready to run OpenVPN for the first time!
When you open the app from now on, you will be greeted with this screen. You simply click on the “VikingVPN” configuration, and accept the warnings.
When you connect, you’ll see a connection log go by with various settings and notifications, this is so you can tell if something is wrong. There will be error messages in there that you can send to customer support to find issues.
When you see the “key” icon at the top of your screen, along with the “initialization sequence completed” message at the bottom, you can hit the back button on your Android device, and surf the internet securely and anonymously.

Now we have OpenVPN all set up to connect to VikingVPN services. 

If you have any problems following this guide or the steps do not work for you, feel free to email us at customercare @ vikingvpn dot com (email chopped up to prevent spam). We will gladly assist you in getting set up.