VikingVPN Warrant Canary -- December 2015

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VikingVPN Warrant Canary -- November 2015

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December 17th 2015

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VikingVPN Server Clusters Getting Rolling Restart -- Security Updates and OpenVPN 2.3.9

All VikingVPN server clusters are receiving routine security updates, and updates to OpenVPN 2.3.9. Downtime is expected to be less than 5 seconds. If you are disconnected from your server cluster due to a rolling restart, you will be able to immediately reconnect and continue using the service normally.

OpenVPN 2.3.9 contains updates that allow greater protection from DNS leaks in Windows 8 and Windows 10. We will be exploring these options in the coming days to see if implementing them on the Viking network impacts non-Windows customers.

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VikingVPN Supports the Open Source Technology Improvement Fund

VikingVPN has donated to the Open Source Technology Improvement Fund ( to help support open source security software.

The OSTIF is a group that raises funds in order to get open-source security projects audited by professionals and also to set up bug bounties and give grants in order to create landmark improvements in software.

The OSTIF currently has a KickStarter going to get bug bounties and security audits going for OpenVPN, OpenSSL, GnuPG, VeraCrypt, and Off-The-Record Messaging. It's stretch goals include getting audits for NoScript, Mailvelope, and operating 10 Tor exit nodes in Chicago.

You can help the OSTIF by donating to them on the KickStarter, or spreading the word on social media!

The OSTIF's social media accounts are:
Twitter: @ostifofficial
Reddit: /u/ostifofficial

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Black Friday 2015 VPN Service Sale, 50% Off All Plans

Coupon Code: blackfriday2015

This deal runs out on 11/30.

The coupon will work for a single transaction.  That is, if you sign up for a 6 month plan, your first 6 months will get the 50% discount.  If you renew for another 6 months, the next 6 months would not have the discount applied.

As always, our money back guarantee of quality, speed, & service applies.

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The Viking VPN Service LA Server Cluster Is Live!

We have completed the provisioning, configuration, testing, and security auditing of our new server cluster in LA, and have taken it to live service. The addition of a Los Angeles server cluster brings optimal service to the Western US and the surrounding regions, as well as improving service to nations in and across the Pacific.

As always, we urge our customers to connect to the closest VPN servers for the best possible performance.

To access the new servers, you will need to download a new set of keys from the VikingVPN website. You need to sign in with your account, go to the profile area, and select the option to download new certificates. Note: You will need to install these certificates on all devices, as the old set of certificates is revoked for security reasons when you generate a new set.

This gives us near total coverage of North America.

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VikingVPN is Coming to Los Angeles to Improve Speeds in California

We are moving forward with a server cluster in Los Angeles!

This new cluster will further boost speeds for our friends in California who currently have to use our locations in Phoenix and Seattle.

Our commitment to high speeds and low latency continues as we expand our territory and increase the size of our clusters to keep user densities low.

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Australia Cluster Postponed Due to Issues with Host

We have to delay the rollout of the server cluster in Sydney, Australia due to disputes with the host over the configuration of our servers.

We still plan to move forward with Australian servers, but the delay will set us back approximately three weeks of time as we have to begin the bidding and vetting process entirely over.

We have stringent network and security requirements that make us the fast, reliable, and secure VPN that we are today. If a host makes promises that it cannot fulfill, we can (and do) drop their business.

Keep checking this blog for updates to our status on Sydney!

If you know of a fast and reliable Australian host that is VPN friendly, feel free to contact us at customer care with your recommendation!

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Investigating Intermittent DNS Problems for Some Users

We are currently investigating an influx of tickets related to connectivity problems. At this time, the issue is hard to nail down as we are getting reports from multiple operating systems and applications, suggesting that it was not a software update that is causing the issue.

Further, the issue is causing outages on all clusters for some users, and only some clusters for others.

Even worse, we are unable to replicate the problem in the lab on any of the reported operating systems.

We will continue investigating this issue and we are working with multiple customers who have this issue to get it resolved.

If you are currently having connectivity problems, please contact us at customer care and give us any information that you can about your operating system, ISP, and the clusters that are affected for you. It could contribute to us finding a solution faster.

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Up and Coming CISA Legislation Will Not Impact VikingVPN Policies

US Congress has passed the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) and it is awaiting a final vote (the House and Senate versions of the bill must be reconciled and a final vote taken). This is a bill aimed at giving American companies that disclose information "for a cybersecurity purpose" immunity from lawsuits related to violating people's privacy rights.

This legislation is largely aimed at large corporations that deal with "big data" and is being spun as a way to hasten and broaden the United State's ability to respond to cybersecurity threats. This idea is that if a company with sensitive information, such as a hospital with medical records, suffers a serious cybersecurity attack, they can share the information about the attack and the data involved with Federal government authorities and not have to worry about violating laws such as HIPAA for the health care industry. This information about how the intrusion happened could then be shared with other companies that may be vulnerable to similar threats, preventing a widespread compromise of an entire industry with similar security practices and protections.

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