We decided to get into the VPN business for several reasons.

1. Shrinking Privacy and shrinking Rights on the Internet.

Governments, Corporations, and even unscrupulous individuals the world over are infringing upon the privacy and free speech of everyone.  The sheer scale of this violation is unfathomable[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8].  We're founding a new, ultra-fast, heavily encrypted, VPN service to help protect you from these violations of privacy.  Click here to see how VPN works, and how it protects your privacy.

2. VPN is a growing market.

Due to everything just mentioned, more and more people are interested in securing their internet connections against intrusions by Governments, Corporations, and cyber-criminals.  The 256 bit AES encryption that we offer is the best way to secure your connection against intrusions, because it is unbreakable, and turns all of your data into useless gibberish for anyone trying to intercept it.

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