is getting redesigned.

Let's be honest, the website in its current incarnation is pretty shitty looking.  It was built from the ground up by our 3 founders, although all of the heavy lifting was done by Justin Greene(who was, understandably, much more concerned about functionality than vanity).  None of we 3 founders are artists by any stretch of the imagination.  We've brought in the talent of Mark Davis from ScriptDance to help us out.

I met Mark in college.  We immediately hit it off and became fast friends.  I've stayed in touch with Mark ever since college, despite living in separate states.

Mark has moved pretty fast on this work.  We gave him the project about a week ago and he already has sent us the first Mockups.

It's only a couple thousand times better looking than the current site.  We're looking forward to pushing this redesign live as soon as we can.

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We have lofty goals for this VPN service.  Here’s a roadmap of things to come.

I talked about some of our basic initial goals here.  TL;DR We want to be the fastest VPN service out there, and we want you to stay connected to our service 24/7 so that there are no gaps in your security.

We have much larger goals, outlined below.  We can’t fulfill all of these goals at once.  None of the founders of Viking VPN were born with a silver spoon in our mouths.  We don’t have endless amounts of cash to throw into the business, and we’re not willing to take irresponsible loans in order to do that.  We have to scale up responsibly, as revenue allows.

Near Term Goals

Open new servers

USA East Coast, USA West Coast, USA South, and USA Midwest.

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We decided to get into the VPN business for several reasons.

1. Shrinking Privacy and shrinking Rights on the Internet.

Governments, Corporations, and even unscrupulous individuals the world over are infringing upon the privacy and free speech of everyone.  The sheer scale of this violation is unfathomable[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8].  We're founding a new, ultra-fast, heavily encrypted, VPN service to help protect you from these violations of privacy.  Click here to see how VPN works, and how it protects your privacy.

2. VPN is a growing market.

Due to everything just mentioned, more and more people are interested in securing their internet connections against intrusions by Governments, Corporations, and cyber-criminals.  The 256 bit AES encryption that we offer is the best way to secure your connection against intrusions, because it is unbreakable, and turns all of your data into useless gibberish for anyone trying to intercept it.

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