Rolling Restarts Issued For Security Updates

We are currently issuing rolling restarts for all of our VPN server clusters to enable security updates.

If you are disconnected from service, simply reconnect again and you will be redirected to an active VPN server.

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VikingVPN is Expanding Again!

Some of our server clusters are approaching user levels that will trigger another round of expansions to our network.

We are currently looking to build a new cluster in the New York / New Jersey area.

I will give more details like opening dates and network details when they are available.

Expansion into New England, the Pacific Northwest, and Southeastern US are our current priorities.

This will give us total coverage in the US and most of Canada within our optimal coverage area.

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Rolling Restarts Issued for Security Updates

Our server clusters were issued a rolling a restart for security updates at 5PM CST.

Everything went smoothly, and users saw no interruption of services.

If you have speed troubles with our service within the next few hours, disconnecting and reconnecting to the service should correct the issue. Because of the nature of rolling restarts, all of our users are currently piled onto only a couple of servers for each cluster. Reconnecting will get you onto a load-balanced server once again.

Edit: Fixed some errors. I gots bad grammar.

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How VikingVPN Strives to be the Fastest and Most Secure VPN Provider

When I was first toying with the idea of privacy and security online I messed around with a few VPN providers. As someone that was into the "netsec" scene I understood HTTPS and OpenSSL certificate management and obviously I had a pretty strong grasp of networking. My goal was to find something that wasn't a huge performance penalty, was secure, and did not log my activities.

I was greeted with speeds ranging from terrible to lackluster. A number of providers did not even offer OpenVPN, and a huge number of providers offered (and still offer) the known broken PPTP VPN protocol. I witnessed a number of VPN providers with websites that had unencrypted web forms. In the few months that I was trialing various VPN providers, I also experienced frequent disconnects and outages. I also hated VPN providers with multiple locations that were congested, and I had to hunt around for a server that gave me a reliable connection that wasn't slow and didn't give me a 900ms ping.

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More Content Coming Soon

Here is the gist of what I have been working on at VikingVPN:

Android and iOS guides - This has been much slower going than the Windows and Linux guides because of the lack of reliable screen recording software. I'm trying to get a camera-based setup working but it is similarly difficult to get a clear shot of what is going on without issues with lighting or focus getting in the way of making something worth looking at. So they are coming, but they might be a while.

Building your own router guide - This is one I've wanted to do for a long while and I'm trying to find the best OS + Hardware combination for people to use that will give you the combination of power and ease of use that our readers would desire. Right now the candidates are pfSense, Vyatta, and DD-WRT for x86.

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Issue Reported -- Viscosity Client Issues With New Release Version

Users have reported and we have confirmed a problem with the latest version of the Viscosity client on our service. It is appears to be a problem with the handshake while connecting to our service with the latest version. We are currently investigating the issue.

The problem is isolated to the newest version of the Viscosity client, and it spans both Windows and OSX.

For now, we recommend using the default OpenVPN client in Windows (we actually recommend it anyway in Windows) and the TunnelBlick open-source client for OSX.

We have contacted SparkLabs to try to identify the problem for a possible patch on their end.

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Chicago Maintenance

Some of the Chicago servers are being taken down for updates. You may be disconnected from the service during this maintenance if you are signed in to an affected server. If you are disconnected, you should be able to immediately reconnect to unaffected servers in the cluster.

Also, for the next 12 minutes, you will not be able to generate new configuration files.

Edit: All Chicago services have been fully restored. The ability to generate new config files has also been restored.

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Video Install Guide for Ubuntu on YouTube

We have completed our Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) installation guide for YouTube.

You can view it here:

This guide is actually substantially simpler than our previous guide, because 13.10 has OpenVPN 2.3.2 built-in which has full support for inline keys. This removes multiple steps from the old install process.

More guides are coming! Next up is Windows 8. Then Android and iOS.

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New Android Vulnerability Discovered -- Does Not Impact VikingVPN

A new vulnerability has been discovered in Google's Android operating system that allows a malicious app to bypass some VPN services. Our OpenVPN service is not impacted by this new vulnerability because our data is encrypted at the application layer, before any other app would get a chance to pull the data to route somewhere else.

This vulnerability will affect PPTP and L2TP VPNs that are using the built-in VPN functionality in Android. VikingVPN, being a security-conscious VPN provider, has never supported these types of VPNs due to their inherent security issues with encryption and man-in-the-middle attacks.

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VikingVPN's First Youtube Installation Guide

We have just finished uploading our first video on Youtube.

It is our guide for setting up VikingVPN on Windows 7.

We plan to post more videos for install guides, troubleshooting, firewalls, and other topics over the next few weeks and months.

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