We decided to get into the VPN business for several reasons.

1. Shrinking Privacy and shrinking Rights on the Internet.

Governments, Corporations, and even unscrupulous individuals the world over are infringing upon the privacy and free speech of everyone.  The sheer scale of this violation is unfathomable[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8].  We're founding a new, ultra-fast, heavily encrypted, VPN service to help protect you from these violations of privacy.  Click here to see how VPN works, and how it protects your privacy.

2. VPN is a growing market.

Due to everything just mentioned, more and more people are interested in securing their internet connections against intrusions by Governments, Corporations, and cyber-criminals.  The 256 bit AES encryption that we offer is the best way to secure your connection against intrusions, because it is unbreakable, and turns all of your data into useless gibberish for anyone trying to intercept it.

3. Lack of other options in the VPN Service Market.

There's only a tiny handful of VPN Service Providers that actually care about your privacy.  Worse, there are VPN Service providers that claim to care about your privacy, but log user activity and gladly hand it over to various corporations or law enforcement agencies, without a warrant.  Sadly, some of the VPN Services that do seem to care about your privacy are woefully under equipped in terms of security to actually protect you.

4. Of the current options in the VPN Service Market, none are fast enough.

Every one of the major players that actually cares about privacy doesn't care that much about speed.  None of them are ready for your new gigabit fiber connection.  The reason for this is that they are monetizing their product the wrong way.  They are monetized the same way that your local gym is monetized.  Your gym doesn't make money off of people who actually show up and work out.  They make money off of people who don't show up, but pay for a 12 month membership.  They actually take a minor loss on people who do show up.  Other VPN services are doing the same thing to their users.  They don't actually WANT you to connect.  They want you to forget about it and continue to pay for it.  They want you to have an acceptable speed when you connect so that you don't cancel your service, but they don't want it to be so fast that you're happy to remain connected 24/7/365.  We want you to connect, and stay connected because your connection doesn't slow down at all.  We want you to actually use our service; which is why we dedicate more bandwidth to you than most people get from their Internet Service Provider.  We don't want to be your bottleneck.  We want to be your seamless and unobtrusive bodyguard that never slows you down, but always keeps you safe.

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