VikingVPN Supports the Open Source Technology Improvement Fund

VikingVPN has donated to the Open Source Technology Improvement Fund ( to help support open source security software.

The OSTIF is a group that raises funds in order to get open-source security projects audited by professionals and also to set up bug bounties and give grants in order to create landmark improvements in software.

The OSTIF currently has a KickStarter going to get bug bounties and security audits going for OpenVPN, OpenSSL, GnuPG, VeraCrypt, and Off-The-Record Messaging. It's stretch goals include getting audits for NoScript, Mailvelope, and operating 10 Tor exit nodes in Chicago.

You can help the OSTIF by donating to them on the KickStarter, or spreading the word on social media!

The OSTIF's social media accounts are:
Twitter: @ostifofficial
Reddit: /u/ostifofficial

Disclaimer: The OSTIF was founded by VikingVPN partner Derek Zimmer and two other people that are not affiliated with VikingVPN. The OSTIF has no direct affiliation with VikingVPN and is its own distinct project. VikingVPN support for OSTIF is one-way and charitable, and VikingVPN does not get any remuneration, monetary or otherwise, for supporting the project.

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