VikingVPN Now Supports the Darkcoin Cryptocurrency

In our commitment to privacy and security, we have added support for the Darkcoin cryptocurrency. Our focus at VikingVPN is to provide the fastest and most secure service possible, and payment methods are one of the biggest challenges with a fully private model.

We added Bitcoin support a few months ago in an effort to give our customers more options for private payment. While Bitcoin is substantially safer than using your debit card directly for privacy, it is not perfect. There are ways to analyze the block chain, find the source of the transaction (usually an exchange) and then go after the exchange for user information regarding the transaction. There are also ways to associate IP addresses with wallets.

The Darkcoin project addresses both of these issues head-on by using the Tor network to anonymize IP addresses for transactions, and by automated wallet mixing systems that are similar to the Bitcoinfog service, but completely built in to the system and free. This gives users substantially more protection and doesn't require them to trust Bitcoin tumblers.

The Darkcoin project has also taken extensive steps to open-source all of the code for their currency system, and they have had the code professionally audited. They have also been very responsive to criticism and have not been afraid to tear down and rebuild pieces of the code to fix bugs and vulnerabilities. They have shown the community that they are committed to a secure and private currency that is free of flaws.

Where to get a DRK wallet:

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How to support the Darkcoin project:

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