VikingVPN Is Expanding with a New Server Cluster in the EU

Viking is committed to keeping speeds a high as possible for it's customer base. We have implemented a server buildout plan based on a clustering model, so that we have an ever-increasing territory with a high performance network, rather than a global slow one.

Our expansion plans include adding locations to better cover eastern Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Our expansions are triggered by servers in a nearby region hitting a certain density of users, which prompts us to expand to a new area. This means some of our existing customers will move to the new location because it is closer to them geographically (which usually means better performance) and it reduces the load on the existing cluster.

Amsterdam is our only EU cluster at this time. We are approaching the number of users on that node that will trigger an expansion in that region. This means that we are currently looking at datacenters in Eastern Europe for our next home. 

Can you guess where we are looking?

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