VikingVPN Is Adding Darkcoin DRK Support

VikingVPN is adding support to accept the Darkcoin digital cyptocurrency in the near future. We will be implementing Darkcoin in the same fashion as our current Bitcoin system.

We are adding DRK support as a commitment to keeping our customers as private as possible.

The Darkcoin project has significant improvements over the Bitcoin system for privacy in that:

1. All of the source code is available to be audited by the public.

2. The source code has been professionally audited.

3. The project has many privacy improvements over Bitcoin, making transactions much harder to trace and track.

You can see more information about Darkcoins and get a DRK wallet here:

We will soon be able to say:

We plan to write a stub article on the history of Darkcoin and the privacy concerns that it addresses. I will update this article with a link to the Darkcoin article when it is completed.

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