VikingVPN is Abandoning OpenDNS Due to Cisco Acquisition

OpenDNS has announced that they are about to be acquired by Cisco Systems. Our US server clusters have been using OpenDNS for over a year because they perform well and do not log user activity.

The acquisition of OpenDNS by Cisco Systems raises concerns about whether their logging policies will remain the same, or be silently changed. It also raises concerns about Cisco's plausible complicit participation in clandestine activities.

Due to these concerns, VikingVPN is changing all of its US infrastructure to use servers that are ran by the OpenNIC project. These are servers that are fast, regularly audited, and do not log.

The VPN server clusters will be issued rolling restarts over the next few hours to complete these changes. Downtime is expected to be less than one second. If you lose connectivity during this period, you can immediately reconnect to the service and continue using it normally.

Our European server clusters are not impacted by this issue. They use FreeDNS.

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