VikingVPN Client and Server Updates - July 2017

We are pleased to announce that the VikingVPN client has been updated with some significant changes to under-the-hood features.

We have updated the client from the 2.3.x fork to the 2.4.x fork. This is both to increase security and enable new features. All servers have been similarly switched from 2.3.x to 2.4.x.

We have adjusted our config files to increase compatibility with Apple OSX and the OpenVPN smartphone apps.

We have updated the security features used by our configs to avoid deprecated features that will be removed from OpenVPN version 2.5 in the future.

These updates are significant, but they are the first in a two-step process to enable a critical new feature, obfuscation (sometimes called "stealth" VPN). This feature (which will be on for all users by default) will encrypt the entire handshake process, which will make OpenVPN connections significantly harder to detect using deep-packet-inspection techniques. This should allow VikingVPN to break through ISP throttles and bypass OpenVPN blocks while sustaining no performance loss relative to our older configs.

Essentially all of our customers will be getting stealth VPN features "for free" with no loss in performance.

Keep checking this blog to learn more about our security and speed improvements to the service!

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