We have lofty goals for this VPN service.  Here’s a roadmap of things to come.

I talked about some of our basic initial goals here.  TL;DR We want to be the fastest VPN service out there, and we want you to stay connected to our service 24/7 so that there are no gaps in your security.

We have much larger goals, outlined below.  We can’t fulfill all of these goals at once.  None of the founders of Viking VPN were born with a silver spoon in our mouths.  We don’t have endless amounts of cash to throw into the business, and we’re not willing to take irresponsible loans in order to do that.  We have to scale up responsibly, as revenue allows.

Near Term Goals

Open new servers

USA East Coast, USA West Coast, USA South, and USA Midwest.

We plan to open servers in Europe and possibly Asia, but we have to be careful about complying with local data retention laws.  The USA doesn’t have any data retention laws to speak of for VPNs, but countries like France do.  We don’t want to compromise our principles, or endanger any of our clients by letting them connect to a server that they may not be aware logs their traffic.

Accept more forms of payment

Bitcoin is probably at the top of this list.  Followed by Google Wallet, Paypal, and Amazon.

We’re also contemplating accepting less traditional forms of currency, like ISK from EVE Online, and SmedBucks(Station Cash) from SOE.

The least traditional form of payment we’re considering taking is Cash.  Wild, right?

Mid Term Goals

Connection Apps for PC, Mac, iOS, & Android

We want to give you a one-click to connect experience on whatever device you’re using.

Better connection apps

We want our apps to be capable of sending partial traffic through our VPN tunnel.  For example, if you wanted your browser to go through the VPN, but didn’t want your Steam, and Steam games, to go through the VPN, you would have that option.  With just a few button presses, you could decide what programs go through the VPN tunnel, which programs don’t.  It’s possible to do this without the aide of an app, but it’s pretty strictly for advanced computer users(aka networking experts).

We want our apps to be capable of telling you which of our server options will give you the fastest speed at any given moment.

Create robust resources about Internet politics, freedoms, etc

We want to build a solid wiki that will explore issues surrounding internet freedoms, freedom of speech, and freedom of information.  We want it to be a resource that anyone from any nation will find helpful.

Create at least one Customer Service Job

Right now, us three founders are handling all the customer service directly.  We enjoy it, and we like that we get to stay in touch with our customers, but obviously this can’t scale forever.  We want to create a job that pays a living wage in the United States.  We don’t want to outsource to another country just to take advantage of cheap labor.

Get localized, multi-lingual, versions of vikingvpn.com up and running

We want to be there for people who don’t share a language with us.

Donate substantially to the EFF

We want to make a substantial contribution to the EFF, and we want to make it a lasting contribution.  The EFF fights to make sure that services like ours can continue to exist. 

Increase speeds for our users

Right now we’re serving everyone who connects a minimum of 20Mbit/Second.  There’s a number of reasons people might not experience that speed, their own connection for example, but we are serving everyone that much bandwidth.

The internet is only getting faster, and we’re going to have to keep up.  In the next 3-5 years, we’d like to be serving a minimum of 40Mbit/Second to each user, without raising our price.

Long Term Goals

Grant Free Access to people in Countries that have no internet freedoms

We’d like to be able to give free VPN access to individuals in nations that have very restricted internet freedoms.  Granting them access may seem purely ideological, and maybe it is, but we believe that freedom anywhere is a threat to oppression everywhere.  That last sentence was not a typo.

Become an ISP

We want to create the first fully encrypted broadband internet service provider in the USA.  This may or may not ever become a reality, but it’s something we dream about regularly.  Ideally, we’d like to do it in some of the new Google-Fiberhoods.

Create a new VPN protocol

In the words of our lead programmer, Justin Greene, OpenVPN is “total shitballs.”  He wants to write a new VPN protocol that won’t be such “a fucking banana hammock.”

OpenVPN is pretty much the standard right now.  His problem with it isn’t security related, or speed related, it’s ease of use related.  We’re talking about ease of use from an end-customer perspective, and a programming perspective.  It’s not the most user friendly thing in the world for anyone, and he would like to change that.  We totally support him in this decision.

Increase speeds for our users, again

6-10 years out, we’re hoping everyone on earth will have a direct fiber connection.  It may not be realistic, but we are hoping that a large enough segment of the population has such a connection that we can serve 80Mbit/Second to every one of our users, again, without raising the price.


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