The VikingVPN Warrant Canary is Live!

We have implemented our warrant canary into the site. Functionality is live.

What this means for our users is that they can be alerted if we receive any legal action that contains a gag order. A good example would be the National Security Letters from the US government.

The key component with the warrant canary is it has to be passively activated. We have created a mechanism that will change the logo on the front page of our site to alert our users that something is wrong. Because of the nature of national security letters, if we have been served a national security letter or some other oppressive action that includes a gag order, we will be obliged by law not to talk about the action taken, nor can we acknowledge that the program or legal action that is being discussed even exists.

You see this behavior from the big internet companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. They can never directly answer any questions about Prism, Muscular, Xkeyscore, or National Security Letters. When representatives of the company are directly questioned about these programs, which are basically public knowledge at this point, they have to pretend that they don't even know Prism exists.

You can see some great examples of this behaviour in the interviews with Microsoft, Facebook, and Google at EU parliament.

When our warrant canary trips, the color of the logo on front page of our site will change in a very obvious way. Because redirect attacks like DNS poisoning exist, we would ask that you contact our customer support directly if it looks like our Canary ever trips. If we give you come cryptic answers such as "we don't know what government programs might cause us to trip the Canary", then you know we have been compromised. If we give you a straight answer like "a bug caused it to trip, we have not received any national security letters or government surveillance requests", then you can probably guess that it was not a legitimate Canary warning.

This step was taken on the request of multiple users. VikingVPN is committed to listening to what our customers want. If you have a feature suggestion or you have an idea for a blog entry just email customer support and we will take it under consideration.

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