The VikingVPN Seattle Server Cluster is Live

We have completed the provisioning, configuration, testing, and security auditing of our new server cluster in Seattle, and have taken it to live service. The addition of a Seattle server cluster brings optimal service to the Pacific Northwest and the surrounding regions, as well as improving service to nations in and across the pacific.

As always, we urge our customers to connect to the closest VPN servers for the best possible performance.

To access the new servers, you will need to download a new set of keys from the VikingVPN website. You need to sign in with your account, go to the profile area, and select the option to download new certificates. Note: You will need to install these certificates on all devices, as the old set of certificates is revoked for security reasons when you generate a new set.

This gives us near total coverage of North America. We plan to expand to Atlanta some time after the new year to give optimal service to the southeastern US and improve performance for people connecting from South America. This will be our final expansion of services in North America and we will begin to shift our focus to eastern Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Our current target expansions in 2015 (subject to change) are servers in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Prague.

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