The VikingVPN Network - Our Focus On Speed And Reliability

When I first decided to toy with the idea of a privacy VPN company, it was because I felt that I could do a better job than what was out there. Being a person that was concerned with privacy, I had tried five different VPN services and was met with unreliable connections, unreasonable speeds, questionable business practices, and zero transparency.

I saw some features that showed that these companies were not managed by capable hands. Rather than use load-balancing technologies, they would force users to hop around from server to server to find one with acceptable performance. Rather than create a company with a sound legal framework, they would have their servers randomly torn down for legal violations or violations or network carrier policies. Rather than admit when there is a problem with the network, and be transparent about it, they would lie to their customers.

I knew I could do better.

I created a new network topology. One that allowed us to run a fast and reliable zero knowledge network with open-source technologies that the privacy community can trust.

This meant:

  1. Only using the fastest and most reliable datacenters. This means faster speeds, reduced downtime, lower pings, higher throughput.
  2. Using a server clustering model. This means less "locations", but a substantially better user experience with reduced downtime, and users will never have to "hunt" for the fastest server.
  3. Allocating resources on a per-subscriber basis. This means we are committed to expanding our network when user densities exceed a company-defined threshold. We are committed to never overselling our network.
  4. Only using trusted open-source technologies wherever possible. This means we are using infrastructure that is free of backdoors, and is trusted by the world.
  5. Creating a real security policy. This means having systems in place to monitor our servers for intrusion, regular security audits and penetration testing, and automated security and alert systems.
  6. Minimizing staff. This means that you get support directly from the founders of the company, and that no one has access to our infrastructure but the founders. We compartmentalize our duties so that no staff member has total control over the network or the servers, and no one set of credentials can infiltrate our infrastructure.
  7. Committing to transparency. This means telling our users about what we do, and how we handle our networks and policies.

The high-end datacenters, clustering, and load balancing ensure you get the fastest and most reliable experience possible.

The resource policy makes sure or network is never oversaturated.

The open-source technologies, security model, and staffing model ensure that your data is secure to the maximum of our ability.

The end-user support is always relevant information from the most knowledgeable staff possible (the people who created the systems).

All of these policies and procedures combine to make us the fastest, most reliable, and most secure premium VPN service out there.

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