The VikingVPN Expansion is Live!

We have completed our rollout of new server clusters in Phoenix, AZ and Amsterdam, NL.

To access the new server clusters, you will need to log into the site and visit the Profile area.

When you generate a new certificate, you will now get 3 configuration files, one for each server cluster. These need to be placed in your config folder. Be sure to delete any of your old config files when you generate new ones, as the old certificates and keys are revoked when you create new ones.

You can then choose which VPN location you wish to connect to by selecting the server in OpenVPN GUI.

Because we use very high quality Tier-1 carriers, under normal conditions you should see the best performance from the cluster that is physically closest to your location. If either of our new sites are closer to you, you should get even better performance when connecting to them!

We will be updating our connection guides soon to reflect these new changes.

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