The VikingVPN Cybersecurity Wiki

The staff of VikingVPN is working on a Cybersecurity Wiki. This Wiki is going to explain all of the major aspects of how to protect your data and privacy on and off the internet.

We will be covering all aspects of cybersecurity in high detail, to allow users to learn about how to protect themselves, as well as step-by-step generic guides on various hardening techniques.

We will be incorporating some information from our security blog into this new wiki area, the largest move being the Firefox Hardening Guide that is very popular among the privacy community.

This is a GIGANTIC topic and the world of cybersecurity is constantly evolving. We will be routinely adding to the information in the Wiki and hope to have a comprehensive guide for users completed some time in the future. We will be adding content to the Wiki regularly as well as referencing good outside sources for topics that are too broad for us to cover.

If you want to keep up with updates about VikingVPN, check out VikingVPN on Google+ and VikingVPN on Twitter!

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