The VikingVPN Bucharest Cluster is Live!

Our server cluster in Bucharest, Romania is now live and ready for use! This is our second cluster of servers in Europe and it brings our high speed VPN services to eastern Europe, the Balkan states, as well as parts of Russia and the Middle East.

As part of our commitment to be the fastest and most secure VPN service out there, we select new locations based on network resources and laws regarding logging policies. Romania perfectly fits into this model as the nation has a fantastic network infrastructure and they have recently thrown out their data retention laws as unconstitutional on July 8th 2014. English source and the original source is in Romanian

The addition of this server cluster also adds more value to your VikingVPN subscription. Since we allow 1 connection per server cluster, this increases the maximum number of simultaneous devices to 6 per account.

As always, we urge our customers to connect to the closest VPN servers for the best possible performance.

To access the new servers, you will need to download a new set of keys from the VikingVPN website. You need to sign in with your account, go to the profile area, and select the option to download new certificates. Note: You will need to install these certificates on all devices, as the old set of certificates is revoked for security reasons when you generate a new set.

We look forward to continued expansion throughout the US and Europe. Our next expansions will be in the regions of the southeastern US and South America in the months to come.

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