Speed Optimizations for OpenVPN Coming Soon

We have been working on an issue where some customers with very fast internet would see limited speeds when connecting to our servers. This problem seems to span multiple platforms, and multiple high speed internet providers.

We have found the underlying cause of the performance drag, and plan to implement the fix in the near future after we test the changes on all devices to be sure that no problems are introduced into the network with the change.

It bears repeating that this fix is only for very high speed customers (50+ Mbps) and will not impact most of our user base.

If you are a VikingVPN subscriber who thinks they are impacted by the current bug, you can contact us at customer care if you would like to implement the fix. We would appreciate the additional feedback from people before we roll out the change globally. This change may improve the performance of our service for all of our high speed broadband customers, especially those who are combining very high speeds with Wifi.

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