Slow Speeds Being Investigated

We have detected slow throughput on our VPN service. We are currently investigating the issue. At this time it appears to be a problem at our hosting datacenter.

I will edit this post when the problem is corrected.

Update 1: We have isolated the problem to a switch on our datacenters network. We are awaiting action by the NOC to correct the issue.

Update 2: Services are now totally down. It appears to be a hardware failure. We will be extending subscriptions for all customers for free. There is no ETA on restoration of services yet.

Rest assured, i'm loading up on coffee and getting ready to pull an all nighter. Thank you for your continued patience.

Update 3: NOC has reported back that it was a hardware failure. ETA on restoration of services is Midnight EST.

Update 4: Our NOC missed their midnight ETA. The server is now up, but needs reconfiguration. New ETA (which is actually under our control now) is 2:15AM EST.

Update 5: Services have been fully restored. We are still monitoring the servers closely overnight to look for performance issues.

Update 6: Services are running slower than we'd like.  We're looking into it.  We're also contemplating expanding our server base more quickly than we had planned, in order to prevent what should be a minor outage from becoming a major outage.

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