Policy Reversal - VikingVPN is Creating an Open-Source Custom OpenVPN Client

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At VikingVPN we have always had two main focuses, security and speed. We do not want to be the cheapest VPN at the expense of performance, nor do we want to be the easiest to use if that means compromising security for compatibility or usability.

In the past this has lead us to only using the trusted and currently published open source clients for each device. This is because these clients are created by the people who create the code and the code is compiled by the creators in a verifiable way.

This policy has lead us down a road where a large number of users find our service cumbersome to use. Some users do not have the skills required to manage their certificates, understand revocation, or edit config files if something isn't working as it should. It also makes us slaves to the shortcomings of the default clients, that often have long-standing issues that have gone unpatched for a long time.

Because of these issues, we are reversing our policy on custom clients, and advancing with a Windows Client that will go into open-beta in the near future. It is currently in alpha testing.

This client will have the full source code available for review, so we will maintain the ability to trust and verify the code. It will be a "wrapper" around the official OpenVPN client, meaning that it will use the same source code as the vanilla client, but will be enhanced by us to improve functionality.

Our focus on the first iteration of the Windows client is focused on resolving the following issues:

1. Ease Certificate Management - Allow clients to securely manage their certificates within the app, without directly interfacing with the VikingVPN website.

2. Create Better Error Detection - Allow the app to detect if IP addresses are being managed properly. This is to eliminate problems with permissions and other error detection in the vanilla app.

3. Improve Performance - Implement optimizations that will allow better performance.

4. (stretch goal) Obfuscation Support - Implement obfuscation techniques to bypass firewalls that use deep-packet inspection. This is both to bypass total blocks, and throttling.

We will post more information about progress with the alpha client in the coming weeks.
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