OpenVPN 2.3.4 i003 Released With New NDIS6 TAP Driver

OpenVPN for Windows has received a minor update that fixes some OpenSSL vulnerabilities (that do not impact VikingVPN).

The update includes a new Windows TAP driver that is supposed to have better support for the updated standards for NDIS6 and the current Windows 8 network stack. The new TAP driver has been in beta testing for quite some time and now is in the official client as most of the crash bugs have been worked out.

We are currently evaluating the NDIS6 driver in Windows 8 and 8.1 in our labs to see if stability has been improved over the old drivers. As it is now, we have recommended that our users restart their Windows 8 devices every time they wish to connect to our service to prevent a critical bug where the old TAP driver would enter an error state and not function properly.

If you wish to get the version with the updated tap drivers, be sure to select the version for Windows Vista and later. Windows XP does not support NDIS6 drivers, and we don't recommend using Windows XP anyway due to severe security vulnerabilities. 

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