We have some exciting new stuff coming to VikingVPN in the next few weeks!

Website Facelift -- When we first launched VikingVPN, our main concern was getting things functional and secure. We wanted a fully operational and trustworthy service in place for our customers to use. We have now achieved that goal and are moving on to the look and feel of the website. We have a large update in the works to make the site look more professional, as well as more accessible to our customers and potential customers. This project is near completion.

Further Security Hardening -- We are implementing even further technologies to protect our users from intrusion into their privacy.

Warrant Canary -- Due to popular demand, we plan to implement a warrant canary on our home page. This is to further assure users that no government entity has compromised the security of our systems, or requested that we violate the privacy of our users. This should be implemented shortly after the facelift goes live.

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