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Here is the gist of what I have been working on at VikingVPN:

Android and iOS guides - This has been much slower going than the Windows and Linux guides because of the lack of reliable screen recording software. I'm trying to get a camera-based setup working but it is similarly difficult to get a clear shot of what is going on without issues with lighting or focus getting in the way of making something worth looking at. So they are coming, but they might be a while.

Building your own router guide - This is one I've wanted to do for a long while and I'm trying to find the best OS + Hardware combination for people to use that will give you the combination of power and ease of use that our readers would desire. Right now the candidates are pfSense, Vyatta, and DD-WRT for x86.

OSX Tunnelblick guide - We do not have a machine running native OSX Mavericks in the lab. If you would like to volunteer to do a screen record for us, I'd be happy to give someone a few months of free service for their trouble. Contact me through customercare and I can send you a short description of what I need to make an official video.

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