Making Installation Easier in Apple OSX - Zip Bug Squashed

A long standing issue with unzipping files in Apple OSX has been fixed. The original problem was that if you tried to unzip our file to set up your account on Apple OSX, the zip module that is built into OSX would misread the header of the zip file and create a new zip file containing the original file. If you opened that file, it gave you the original zip file again and this continued infinitely.

The issue stems from the way OSX reads zip file headers. A new feature in zip files allows "zip streaming" which means that our VikingVPN web server begins sending the file before it is even done compressing the zip file. We used this feature to make the service as fast as possible when you are generating a new set of config files.

The issue is that the unzip module that OSX uses is old, and does not support zip streaming properly. Strangely enough if you use the command line in OSX to unzip a streaming zip file, it uses a different library and works properly. If you use the GUI, you get the infinite loop issue as described. So the update for support is already present in OSX, but the GUI defaults to an old library that doesn't support zip streaming.

To fix the issue, we have removed the zip streaming feature when we generate config files. The performance impact is negligible and it allows us to remove multiple steps in setup in OSX for non-savvy users. This reduces our reliance on 3rd party apps to work around the issue, or forcing users to go into the command line to set up our service.

We will be updating our OSX connection guides, as well as the YouTube connection guide in the coming days to reflect these changes. Installation with be easier than ever before with the combination of Tunnelblick changes that make importing config files easy, and the removal of the zip file issue.

Edit: The OSX connection guide has been updated. The YouTube guide is next!

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