We are investigating an iPad issue involving 4G connectivity on ATT and Verizon LTE.

We are getting multiple customer reports on failures of our service to properly forward traffic on iPads while connected to 4G wireless services.

We are currently investigating the issue.

At this time, we believe that Wifi connectivity is working properly.

As a stop-gap, we recommend trying a hard-reset of your iPad (hold power+home for 10 seconds) to rectify the issue if your VPN stops working on an iPad.

I will update this post as we get more information on the issue and a resolution.

Update 1:

It seems that the iOS application is confirmed to be not working over AT&T 4G LTE properly at this time for all carriers regardless of settings. This is caused by a vendor update to iOS 6 and 7 that doesn't allow SSL VPNs to work properly due to a permissions issue. There is an update to OpenVPN Connect being worked on.

A discussion on the issue is here:


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