Viking VPN is making some infrastructure changes.

These changes are motivated by our dissatisfaction with our current datacenter.  They have caused 2 full days of downtime in the past 2 months.  They're also not serving us the kinds of speeds that we're promising our customers.  Obviously, we can't allow this situation to continue any longer.

We will be shuttering our servers in Ohio, and opening servers in Chicago, and shortly thereafter in Phoenix.

Current customers probably won't notice any change, except an increase in speed.

The old Ohio servers will go down around noon(12pm EST) tomorrow(Wed 09/11/2013).  If you're connected to the Ohio server at the time of shutdown, you will lose connection.  All you need to do is reconnect to the service.  Our system will handle everything and see to it that you get connected to the new server.

As with the old servers, the new servers won't have any kind of logging enabled.

If you have any issues with connectivity or speed, email us: customercare AT  We will reply as promptly as possible to get any issues resolved.

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