Enforcing the Rules of the Network

We will be restarting the servers over the next few minutes to activate a new certificate revocation system. This system will not allow old certificates onto the network, only the last certificate that was issued on your account. This is to keep users and the service secure from intrusion by parties with stale certificates and credentials.

If your service stops working and you are unable to reconnect to the service, your device is likely using a stale set of keys. You can fix this by generating a new config file in your profile on the site. 

This system is in place to prevent a compromised account from accessing the network without the user being aware. In order to access our service, the attacker would have to generate a new config file with new keys, which will immediately revoke old config file that the user is using, dropping them from the service and alerting them to a problem with their account.

If you have any questions about this system, or if you have problems with your connection, contact us via email at customercare AT vikingvpn DOT com.

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