Darkcoin to Dash Transition Under Way

The Darkcoin (currency ticker: DRK) project has renamed and re-branded their service to the name Dash (currency ticker: DASH).

The transition, which occurred yesterday, features new websites and a new wallet to reflect the changes.

The project is being run by the same team, and the same source code is powering the project. This is simply a marketing change to create greater differentiation between Darkcoin and other "altcoin" projects.

VikingVPN is remaining committed to the project, as the technology behind the wallet is fantastic, and the project remains open-source. As a VPN provider with a focus on security and privacy, Darkcoin (Dash) is our most private method of payment.

We will be transitioning our site graphics and informational pages to reflect the rename from Darkcoin to Dash over the next few days. Support and policies will remain unchanged with regard to the cryptocurrency.

A new page about our DASH policy is located here: https://vikingvpn.com/vikingvpn-dash-policy
(The policy remains the same as all other accepted cryptocurrencies. Only the name was substituted in the new page.)

More information about the transition can be seen here:

The new Dash website: https://www.dashpay.io/
The Dash Twitter: https://twitter.com/dashpay
Links to the new Dash wallet download: https://www.dashpay.io/downloads/

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