Connection Guide Updates

We are currently working on updating our connection guides to reflect the most current versions of software for both download links and screenshots. This overhaul will make sure that our users have the easiest methods to set up their VikingVPN service securely.

We are also working on updating our YouTube video guides for getting connected. As of this writing, all of the connection guides are current except for the Tunnelblick video. The methodology has changed for installation and a number of steps have been done away with to make the whole set up process easier.

You may notice a number of small changes to the site with regard to graphics and guides in the next few days, and we will be updating the Tunnelblick guide on YouTube as soon as is possible. The changes have already been made on the regular Tunnelblick guide on the site, the Video is the only guide that is dated.

If you have any questions regarding getting set up with VikingVPN, feel free to email us at customer care!

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