Derek Zimmer Departing VikingVPN

Hello to all of my friends, readers, and most of all our VikingVPN customers.

It has been a long journey. From when my partners and I founded VikingVPN years ago, to the thriving company that we have clawed together from the mud. I have toiled year after year on Viking, between research, working with the Reddit community, maintaining the systems, writing for the blogs, and personally answering every single customer support ticket.

Throughout the years, I have expanded the roles of my career and sought new ways to help the community. The largest of these projects was the Open Source Technology Improvement Fund, which is rapidly transforming into a powerful force for good in the open source world. This pushed me from my more comfortable roles of doing research and systems work to more extroverted roles like sales, marketing, project management, and community management. This included working closely with dozens of other companies and coordinating getting groups that were traditionally competitors to work together toward common goals.

I was quite surprised when one of those companies approached me with a job offer, and an opportunity to work on a much larger scale. Private Internet Access made an offer to bring me on working the same duties that I've been performing at Viking, but for a much larger audience. I see this as a tremendous opportunity to have a much greater impact in the privacy community and to have influence within the largest VPN in the world where I can push them to continue improving and innovating. It also allows me to act on product, marketing, and sponsorship concepts that are not available to me with Viking, and I can help direct them toward initiatives that will move the entire industry forward.

It is with the heaviest heart that I resign from my position at VikingVPN, something that I helped create. My former partners have been aware of my intention to leave for a few weeks and I believe they have a plan in place to cover my duties upon my exit. VikingVPN will continue on without me, and I without it.

What this means for VikingVPN:
There will be a new administrator to oversee the back-end services.
There will be a new customer support representative.
Only one person will have the warrant canary password for the dead-man's-switch.
IMPORTANT: The PGP signing key for the warrant canary and signed statements will change. That is my personal keypair and moves with me.

To everyone who uses VikingVPN to stay private, my former partners, everyone who read my writing, and the privacy community, thank you.

I look forward to the future.

Derek Zimmer
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