The Electronic Frontier Foundation Updates Their Surveillance Self-Defense Page

The EFF has updated their surveillance self-defense page. It is a comprehensive guide to find all of the information about surveillance techniques and the tools to defend yourself against mass surveillance programs by governments and marketers around the world.

The information contained in the site is extremely accurate and up to date (as of this writing) and is a great guide to keeping your data safe and private.

The index to the site is here:

Topics include everything from simple introductions to creating strong passwords and guides on how to install and use basic tools of the trade to advanced topics like using PGP, full drive encryption, and defeating internet censorship.

They even have comprehensive playlists such as the security starter pack that gives you a run-down of how to protect yourself. They even have a special area for Apple users on OSX.

VikingVPN is a staunch support of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and believes strongly in the fight against surveillance and censorship on the internet. We donate $1 of every subscription to VikingVPN to the EFF, and we were the first VPN service to begin the practice.

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