OpenVPN 2.3.10 Released -- PolarSSL Updates

OpenVPN 2.3.10 has been released. It contains a few minor bug fixes, and support for PolarSSL 1.3. PolarSSL is an optional library offered as an alternative to OpenSSL for OpenVPN.

PolarSSL now goes under the name mbed TLS after PolarSSL was acquired by ARM, but a lot of developers still use the old name.

PolarSSL 1.3 support brings OpenVPN to the most current version of the library, giving it the latest security patches and support for the latest features. The latest version of PolarSSL is 1.3.9 which has a number of security fixes and performance optimizations.

PolarSSL is used in mobile versions of OpenVPN for Google Android and Apple iOS, so this update largely impacts those clients more than OpenVPN for Windows, OSX, or Linux. You can optionally use PolarSSL for all of these platforms, but OpenSSL is the default.

VikingVPN uses OpenSSL on all of its secure server infrastructure, and is largely unaffected by this update.

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