Edward Snowden Quotes From the Reddit AMA

Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, and Laura Poitras did an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit today in celebration of their recent Oscar win for "Best Documentary".

Snowden himself was answering questions about the NSA programs that he revealed by leaking information to news agencies. He had poignant words for some of the questions reminiscent of the intelligent and well spoken Snowden from the film.

Reddit user Masondog13 asked Snowden:

"What's the best way to make NSA spying an issue in the 2016 Presidential Election? It seems like while it was a big deal in 2013, ISIS and other events have put it on the back burner for now in the media and general public. What are your ideas for how to bring it back to the forefront?"

Snowden (under the user name SuddenlySnowden) replies:

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US Creates New Cyberintelligence Agency in Response to Sony Hack

The Obama Administration is creating a new agency - the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC). This new agency is supposed to be tasked with doing forensic analysis of data handed to them by companies who have been victims of cyberattacks. The aim is for the CTIIC to have access to the resources of multiple cyberintelligence agencies and will be able to use the shared information from these agencies (National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), US Cyber Command (CYBERCOM), The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A), Bureau of Intelligence and Research (

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The NSA Publicly Releases Cache of Incident Reports to the President's Intelligence Operations Board

The NSA has reluctantly, after an ACLU lawsuit, released a heavily redacted document covering quarterly reports to the US Intelligence Operations Board. News agencies around the world are talking about some of the abuses in these reports.

There are a number of problems with these reports, that will in effect mask the size and scope of the problem of breaches in protocol in the NSA spying programs.

- These incidents are self-reported. This means that these items only get reported when people get caught by their peers or superiors, or the person turns themselves in. Nothing egregious is going to come to the surface in a system of self-regulation. No one is going to self-report a violation that will get them fired.

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CIA Torture Report Released - Clear Evidence Of Criminal Acts Perpetrated By The CIA, Yet No One Will Be Prosecuted

Everyone, literally everyone on the planet, should be angry with the CIA for this.  I'm angry for a number of reasons:

  1. Torture is simply wrong at the most fundamental moral and ethical level.  If anything at all can be defined as purely evil, it is torture.
  2. Torture does not produce quality Intelligence.
  3. Torture is illegal.
  4. No one will be punished or prosecuted for this.
  5. Disgusted that a major political party in the USA, the Republicans, were against publicizing this report.
  6. As a US Citizen, these barbaric acts were carried out in my name, for the sake of "protecting" me.
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Chicago Police Uses Stingray Cellphone Surveillance on Protesters of Eric Garner Death

This article was updated on 12.9.2014 to include the stub at the end of the piece. It contains additional evidence that the Chicago PD is using Stingray cell interception technology.

Evidence has surfaced that the Chicago Police Department (CPD) has used a Stingray surveillance device to break into protesters cellular phones.

The claim, which includes some pretty damning radio chatter, as well as a part of a speech by Obama defending the practice, and statements by the NSA stating that the technology would never be used against people exercising their first amendment rights, you can see the posting by Anonymous here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpdpjX8Vsfw

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WhatsApp Is To "Go Dark" with End-to-End Encryption Provided by Whisper Systems

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging system in the world, is partnering with Whisper Systems to roll out end to end encryption by default with all of its messaging products. The move is surprising, given that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook which has been a strong supporter of centralized encryption which is significant less secure, but allows Facebook to snoop on traffic for marketing data.

The move to end-to-end encryption would catapult WhatsApp to being among the most private messaging services in the world. The recent messaging privacy scorecard by the Electronic Frontier Foundation scored the top services as TextSecure, RedPhone, SilentPhone, and SilentText. Whisper Systems is the company that makes SilentPhone and SilentText, so if the implementation that is brought to WhatsApp follows the privacy best practices of SilentPhone and SilentText we can expect strong and true end to end encryption in the messenger. Currently, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are among the lowest scores on the EFF's scorecard.

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Robert Sesek - Unraveling Turbulence Programs

Here is a fantastic piece detailing the interlocking pieces of the NSA's Turbulence program. It is made up of at least 13 active sub-programs, some of which have been detailed in the Snowden files.


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We Have Won the First Net-Neutrality Battle!

The White House has officially called for Tom Wheeler, the head of the FCC, to reclassify Internet Service Providers as Title II Common Carriers. This is a gigantic step toward net neutrality because it will force ALL American internet providers and carriers to treat all traffic, regardless of source or destination, as the same.

President Obama released a video discussing his stance on net-neutrality. He specifically called out the concept of "gate-keepers" creating "tolls" on the internet and used strong language against the idea of "paid prioritization" which is the exact measure that sparked one of the largest internet protests in history. He also specifically mentioned phones and tablets, indicating that he would want mobile carriers to also be reclassified to Title II Common Carriers. It also called for the possible enforcement of net-neutrality rules on backbone providers, forcing them to conform to the same rules. In the FCC's most recent plan, net neutrality would already be enforced for those carriers, so this provision is likely to carry over to the new plan.

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Why Didn't the All-Seeing Eye Stop a Terrorist Attack in Canada?

A terror attack is unfolding in Ottawa, Canada today and as the story unfolds people naturally feel unsafe. Canada has been an instrumental US ally over recent decades and has committed support for every major US conflict in the last 25 years.

They are also a member of the 5 eyes league of nations that surveils the world and has key access to the shared information between the governments of the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and itself in a huge repository called XKEYSCORE. This clandestine program that was revealed by the Snowden revelations gives unfettered access to huge amounts of information on people around the world. The data is gathered through a huge shell of other clandestine programs that include billions of people who are not under any suspicion, and the response to any criticism is that the program is instrumental in keeping everyone safe from terrorism.

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UN Panel Finds That NSA Mass Surveillance Violates International Law

A panel investigating mass surveillance with regard to its legal status has found that the programs operated by the "5-eyes" nations violate international laws to which they are all signatories to. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights is a document that the US signed in 1992 that in section 17, obligated the US to respect the privacy rights of individuals. The specific language used is pretty clear in its purpose, and it is pretty clear that the 5-eyes programs are in violation of these exact terms.

The provision reads:
"That individuals have the right to share information and ideas with one another without interference by the State, secure in the knowledge that their communication will reach and be read by the intended recipients alone.”

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