We Have Won the First Net-Neutrality Battle!

The White House has officially called for Tom Wheeler, the head of the FCC, to reclassify Internet Service Providers as Title II Common Carriers. This is a gigantic step toward net neutrality because it will force ALL American internet providers and carriers to treat all traffic, regardless of source or destination, as the same.

President Obama released a video discussing his stance on net-neutrality. He specifically called out the concept of "gate-keepers" creating "tolls" on the internet and used strong language against the idea of "paid prioritization" which is the exact measure that sparked one of the largest internet protests in history. He also specifically mentioned phones and tablets, indicating that he would want mobile carriers to also be reclassified to Title II Common Carriers. It also called for the possible enforcement of net-neutrality rules on backbone providers, forcing them to conform to the same rules. In the FCC's most recent plan, net neutrality would already be enforced for those carriers, so this provision is likely to carry over to the new plan.

You can read the presidents plan here.

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