Watchdog Group Reporters Without Borders Lists the United States as an "Enemy of the Internet"

Watchdog group Reporters Without Borders makes an annual report titled "Enemies of the Internet". In the report they name countries that utilize internet technologies to suppress, oppress, surveil, or manipulate their populations. This can include false information campaigns, censorship of the press, terminating internet and cellular connectivity to suppress uprising, and intimidating or imprisoning dissenters. 

For the first time in their annual report, they name the United States and the United Kingdom as Enemies of the Internet. They cite the Snowden NSA revelations and the mountain of evidence that has surfaced from the documents as the primary reasoning.

They also name a number of companies that produce hacking products for trade show knowns as the "ISS World Conference". These companies are from the US, France, Italy, and elsewhere and sell hacking and surveillance tools to clandestine agencies around the world. The corporations include Vupen and Hackingteam, companies that produce exploits and sell them for a profit.

The full report can be read here:

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