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UK & Spain Drafting Anti-Piracy Laws

United Kingdom

Some major British ISPs have begun blocking access to Fenopy, H33t and KickAssTorrents after courts determined that they assist in major piracy operations. The designation by the courts allows the government to order Internet Service Providers to block the content.

A similar block was put in place on The Pirate Bay in May 2012, but a number of reverse proxies appeared allowing UK residents to go around the block. Since then, a game of “whack-a-mole” has ensued in the UK to take down mirrors and keep the site as hard to access as possible.

British ISPs reported that torrent traffic did not decline with the blocking of the The Pirate Bay.


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Often considered to be one of the more lax western European nations when it comes to copyright law enforcement, Spain has been said to be drafting legislation to outlaw file-sharing and place stiff fines on large infringing sites.

As the law stands today, in Spain one is allowed to copy any material for personal use or for the purposes of sharing. Rights holders are indirectly compensated through a tax on blank media (CDs, DVDs, Jump Drives/Thumb Drives, etc).

This change to the law in Spain would bring them into the same battles faced in other nations, fighting against increasingly sophisticated sharing systems with takedown notices, fines, and extended court battles.

As businesses and governments continue to creep into the lives of internet users, privacy services like anonymous proxies and VPN services are surging in popularity. Users are scrambling to keep their lives private.

Source: Torrentfreak

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