Today Is the Great Internet Slowdown by

A large-scale internet protest is going on today to raise awareness about the FCC's proposal to cut net neutrality regulations and allow internet service providers in the US to discriminate on traffic.

If you are unfamiliar with the Net Neutrality debate, John Oliver did an excellent piece on it here.

The protest is designed to show loading bars and banners designed to remind people that their content would still be loading if the ISPs are allowed to make traffic slower for all websites except for the ones that can pay a huge premium to be allowed faster service.

You can read a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) about the protest and what it stands for here.

The central site for the protest is

Sites joining the protest include AVG (antivirus), Reddit, Imgur, Grooveshark, Wordpress, Vevo, and hundres more! 

Below are some sample images from the protest. Viking supports the protest but we do not allow outside javascript onto the website as a company security policy, regardless of how benign the code is.

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