The NSA Retains All of it's Powers

One year out from the disclosure of the Snowden files, the NSA retains all of its powers with little executive or legislative action to reign in clandestine programs that invade the privacy of American citizens and their allies worldwide.

We have heard about severe oversteps of authority by the NSA throughout this year. Outrage has been widespread and clearly justified, but other than a presidential speech doubling down on the NSA's practices, nothing has been done.

Here are some highlights of programs we know exist because of Snowden:

Bullrun - The NSA coerces standards agencies to weaken encryption standards worldwide, giving them offensive capability against targets, but also reducing the security of the world's systems against foreign attackers.

Muscular - The NSA tapped the interlink facilities between Yahoo and Google datacenters to intercept full-take email and chat data through all of their systems unencrypted. This program led to the surveillance of entire messages, not just metadata, and took American as well as foreign data.

Quantum Insertion - The NSA is hacking consumer and commercial grade routers, and using them as zombies to intercept and reroute communications for FoxAcid.

FoxAcid - An automated system where servers listen to the backbone of the internet and look for traffic from specific users. The servers are "completely automated" and no user interaction is required for a FoxAcid server to identify what it thinks is a target, and then automatically attack that user and try to take control of their computer remotely for surveillance or data extraction.

Prism - An automated system that records all traffic moving across the main backbones of the internet. The data is recorded and stored away for up to 5 years.

Mystic - A program to record full-take audio conversations of entire nations. The documents released have revealed that the Bahamas and Afghanistan are currently under full take audio surveillance.

Somalget - The database of phone conversations that is created by the Mystic program. It is stored for up to 30 days (due to technical limitations).

Stellar Wind - The program for capturing the metadata of email.

XkeyScore - A application that merges all of the various databases from the clandestine agencies into a "one stop shop" for surveillance.

DropoutJeep - A program for breaking into Apple iOS devices. (iPad, iPhone, iPod)

Co-Traveller - A program for associating location data with new "targets".

Dishfire - A program that captures full-take text messaging of all foreign cellular phones.

Squeaky Dolphin (GCHQ) - A program that monitors social networking en masse.

Optic Nerve (GCHQ) - A program that surveilled millions of Yahoo webcam sessions, many of them containing explicit material.

Turbine - An advanced version of the already mentioned FoxAcid program. It hacks on a much larger scale and has selectors for exploits based on the "value" of the "target" it is attacking.

Steel Winter (Norweigan) - A supercomputer being developed to break weak encryption.

We have also learned more about what the NSA considers a "target".

-Amnesty International

-The leaders of closely allied nations

-Pretty much anyone in trade talks with the US that it considers valuable.

-Huawei Corp

-Google, Microsoft, Yahoo

-Network Administrators, American or otherwise.

-Occupy Wall Street

and much more...

Journalist Glenn Greenwald has said that he is going to release the names of more prominent figures that are surprising NSA targets in the coming months.

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