Stop Global Warrants in the US

The United States Supreme Court, through an obscure rule-making process, is looking to expand the powers of the American clandestine agencies. This is a clear attempt by the US government to bypass congress, as they cannot get their surveillance and hacking agenda passed, to keep their currently legally questionable powers to hack targets both domestically and abroad without specific warrants allowing them to do so.

This new "global warrant" power would allow the US agencies to consider anyone to be using privacy software or services to be a suspect, and subject them to remote attacks on their systems and increased digital surveillance. It is yet another form of suspicionless surveillance, where reluctance to divulge all of your personal data at every given moment of your life automatically makes you a criminal suspect.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has begun a new initiative to stop this rule from being enacted! Write your congressperson using the built-in tools at and customize your message to your representatives for the greatest impact!

This blatant attempt by the Feds to bypass congress because they can't get the votes is both underhanded and desperate. We need congress to act by December 1st to stop this rule from becoming the new law of the land.

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