Electronic Civil Disobedience - Spam the Government with Freedom of Information Act Requests for your own PRISM & XKeyScore data.

Electronic Civil Disobedience faces some real challenges.  It's not as simple as a good old fashioned Sit-In.  With a Sit-In, the authorities are forced to take action against every individual that is participating in the civil disobedience, or they can refuse to enforce the law, effectively nullifying it.  The police can't just drag one protester out of a restaurant and call it a day.  They have to remove everyone.  This isn't the case with most electronic forms of civil disobedience.  Millions upon millions of people can be engaged in disobedience of copyright laws, but law enforcement doesn't have to take action against all of them, or even a tiny percentage of them.  They can still take individuals to court and win massive judgments against them, despite the fact that millions of others are out there pirating the exact same content as the individual that they have won a settlement from.

No amount of likes on facebook, or whatever your favorite form of social media is, will have any impact at all either.

I've figured out a way to engage in civil disobedience in protest of PRISM & XKeyScore.  By law, the government is compelled to reply to Freedom Of Information Act Requests.  By making a request for this data, you're forcing the government to spend time and resources, even if it's only a few minutes, on you.  You're also sending a clear message: "I want to know what you know about me."

Do not expect to actually get a real answer from them.  I already tried.  They will probably send you a similar letter to what they sent me.  That's not the point.  The point is to make them do the work to reply to millions and millions of requests.

Instructions: how to perform your own Freedom Of Information Act Request

Click here and fill out this form.

You will need to use your personal information.  It will need to positively identify you.  If you're uncomfortable with this, don't do it.

I recommend writing something similar to below, but not exactly the same as this - the reason being that we want to force them to take the time to read every individual request.

"I, [your name here], am requesting a copy of all data, records, files, dossiers, profiles, and intercepts relating to myself, that can be found in NSA databases and software programs including but not limited to PRISM and XKeyScore as revealed by National Hero Edward Snowden through The Guardian News outlet."

It is possible that they will try to charge you a fee for this.  They did not try to charge me.  Fair warning, though.

You will receive your rejection letter just a few weeks after you send the request.  Show it off to your friends!  Frame it and put it on your wall.  Copy it and send it to your Congress People, requesting that they appeal it for you.

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