Snowden: All data is collected, stored, and analyzed.  What's worse? Both parties support these programs.

In an interview with The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald, Snowden came out on video stating that the NSA collects every bit of data that transits the United States.  The method of data collection used would make it impossible for them to discern data on foreigners vs. data on U.S. citizens.  The NSA is collecting "Everyone's calls.  Everyone's call records, and everyone's internet traffic as well."

Snowden also mentions that the US Govt. has undermined major corporations in order to force them to comply with these illegal spying practices.

Bipartisan Support

None of this should surprise anyone who has been paying attention.  If you weren't paying attention 10 years ago when Bush got the Patriot Act passed, you should be paying attention now as Obama defends every bit of illegal activities originally undertaken by the Bush administration.  If you had any illusions that we still have a legitimate two party system in this country, that illusion should now be shattered completely.  The only differences between these two parties are purely theatrical, and cover purely theatrical issues like abortion, gun control, civil rights, etc.  Why do I call these very very serious issues theatrical?  Because they don't matter in the slightest to the people in power.  The billionaires that run this country do not care about any of these issues in the least bit, but they're smart enough to know that they can effectively divide the population in half by focusing all political campaigns on these divisive issues.

As I've pointed out before, the US Government is not going to cease their illegal spying.  The only option left for you to ensure your privacy is end to end encryption of all your transmissions.

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