Draft Senate Bill To Ban Strong Encryption & Force Corporate Compliance With U.S. Law Enforcement  - Possibly The Dumbest Bill Ever

There's a draft bill in the U.S. Senate authored by Diane Feinstein & Richard Burr that bans strong encryption and forces companies to break their own privacy policies whenever the U.S. Govt. demands it.

Senator Feinstein & Burr are proving that Republicans & Democrats can truly work across the isle when it comes to stupid & impossible to enforce legislation.  Especially when the Intelligence Agencies tell them to.

This bill is so ludicrous that it's almost difficult to put into words the mental acrobatics one would have to go through in order to think this was a good idea.

Why is this bill so ridiculous?  This bit by John Oliver sums it up pretty nicely.

  1. There is no way to force weak encryption onto Corporations & Consumers without compromising the security of every basic daily occurrences on the internet: Online Banking, eCommerce Transactions, Credit Card Information, etc.
  2. U.S. Law doesn't extend to the entire world.  The U.S. Govt doesn't have the power to force weak encryption onto any country except the U.S.  Companies in other nations will simply step in to fill the void left by U.S. Companies that are forced to destroy their own security.
  3. U.S. Companies will take drastic legal action about the constitutionality of this bill, and will find legal workarounds to provide strong security & encryption to their users - even if that means relocating their corporate headquarters.

If this bill does become law, Viking VPN Service will take the following actions:

  1. Viking VPN Service will NOT comply with this law under any circumstance.  Viking VPN Service will never weaken its encryption beneath where it currently stands, and plans to keep upgrading & improving our encryption as new technology becomes available.  This law itself is illegal & unconstitutional.  Complying with it would open Viking VPN Service up to liability.  Further, non-compliance and a court challenge are the only way to challenge the constitutionality of such laughably bad laws. 
  2. If a court challenge arises from our non-compliance, Viking VPN will take it all the way to the Supreme Court.
  3. If our court challenge fails, Viking VPN will relocated to a country that doesn't have such backward ideas about encryption.

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