Reddit to Make Big Donations to Privacy Organizations

A Reddit contest has raised large sums of money for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, The Free Software Foundation, and The Tor Project Inc. The contest was based on votes by the community for the causes that they cared about, and the top 10 votes will receive donations directly from Reddit. The total sum is 10% of Reddit's ad revenue for 2014.

This means that almost a quarter of a million dollars will be distributed to the EFF, the FSF, and Tor equally.

It shows that privacy is a cause that Redditors as a community deeply care about, and the funding will help those organizations to fight for the right to privacy for everyone. These organizations defend the internet from the increasing threat of intrusive marketing and illegal government and corporate spying.

Congratulations to the EFF, the FSF, and Tor for the influx in funds to help them operate and thrive!

More information about the winners can be found here:

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