Pandora's Box: PRISM is loose and it's not going back in.

The PRISM spying software, along with some other software suites that Edward Snowden has leaked information on, have fundamentally destroyed our 4th amendment rights.  You should probably be upset about that.  The problem is, it doesn't matter how upset you are.  It doesn't matter if we take political action.  We cannot legislate this technology away.  It exists.  It works.  It's being widely used by our government, and reportedly, other governments are using similar technology.  We can't un-make the tech.  We could pass a law(unlikely) that would make illegal any such software, but we all know that clandestine agencies are going to continue using this kind of technology, regardless of the legalities.

I can't think of a working technology that we, as a society, have ever outlawed, effectively putting it back into Pandora's Box.  The closest tech I can think of is the Nuclear Bomb.  Even that is a shaky argument. We used 2 on real live people in the Second World War.  We, and other nations, have tested nukes since then, creating ever greater mechanisms for mass destruction.  We've also used the technology as a deterrent.  So did we put the nuclear bomb back into Pandora's Box?  Sort of.  I'm sure we're all hoping that it will stay that way, but nothing is ensuring that it will.

The only option left to people who want to ensure their 4th amendment rights is end-to-end encryption of their internet transmissions, logging out of their online accounts, including social media, google, etc, and turning off their GPS phones when they're not in use.  It's inconvenient.  It's sad, but it's what we have to do.  As my friend Calep W. Howard told me "We can't legislate our way out of this.  We have to tech our way out of it."

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