New Snowden Interview With NBC's Brian Williams Reveals More About Snowden and the NSA

In a first for American television, Edward Snowden got to speak publicly to address the issues facing the nation, and to speak about the attacks on his character and record as an employee for the CIA, the NSA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and Booz Allen Hamilton.

Some things that we learned from the interview:

Snowden was not "just a systems analyst" or a "low-level systems administrator".

He worked covertly overseas for multiple government agencies under a fake name, at fake jobs. He was trained as a spy and also trained other agents and government officials about data security measures while working for the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Smartphones are surveillance devices. They can be "owned" in seconds.

They can turn on the phone if it is off. They can listen to the microphone, take pictures, activate apps, inject malware, and pull data from the phone.

The NSA can watch drafts being produced.

He described it as "reading your thought process". They can read as you draft and edit an email before it is sent. (I assume this is referring to web-based email, as doing this on an email client would require an active attack.)

The full interview can be seen here:

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