It's Official - Net Neutrality Returns to the United States on June 12th 2015

The official timer has begun on the return of net neutrality to the US. The full set of rule changes was posted to the Federal Register yesterday and the rules will become effective on June 12th 2015. The sweeping changes reclassify internet providers as common carriers which puts them under new rules that do not allow them to discriminate on traffic based on its type of data or its destination.

At this point, the only avenue left for the telecom and cable industries is to try to tear things down in court and to get an injunction on the rule change within the next 59 days. There can also be an act of congress to reduce the authority of the FCC, but political experts say any legislation would be unlikely to pass as president Obama has threatened to veto any proposed laws that will negate net neutrality.

You can read more about the actual rule changes on our blog post about it here:

For more information on why this is such an important topic, here is a wonderful John Oliver video on the subject:

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